By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq., a Monroe Township NJ Probate Dispute Attorney

Many circumstances contribute to probate disputes and probate litigation among family members and beneficiaries.  They include:

Longer Lives; with longer lives come periods of dementia and susceptibility to undue influence which results in end-of-life changes to estate plans.  Statistics tells us that if you live to age 85, there is 50% likelihood you will have dementia.

Multiple marriages, (i.e. stepchildren stepparent relationships.  It seems like everyone stays behaved while the natural parent(s) or the spouse is alive but the death of that person significantly changes the dynamics among the surviving family members.  When a Trust for a step parent is involved your likely to hear “I was never put on a budget while your Dad was alive and I’m not going to start now”.
Problem beneficiaries: They can be identified as the three-sibling dynamic: controlling, needy & indulged.  Then there are dependent adults-those who never became financially and/or emotionally independent.  Unfortunately you also have substance abuse/mental health problems, finished by Dad’s young wife and family.
Often estate litigation can be avoided with proper planning.  But not always and when your rights are at risk a qualified NJ probate dispute attorney can be very helpful.

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