By Fredrick P. Niemann, Esq. a New Jersey Probate Dispute Attorney
There is a valid will or trust. You are a beneficiary of the will or trust or you are an heir when there is no will. You are having trouble because a fiduciary is misusing funds, is not accounting for funds or is not paying out funds from the will, trust or estate and you want to know what your rights are. This blog should be your starting point to learn about fiduciaries. It provides general information about fiduciaries and their responsibilities.
A fiduciary can be removed because of gross mismanagement.
In a recent case, an attorney was appointed as the Independent Executor of his great uncle’s estate.  He was not a beneficiary under the will.  He hired himself to be the attorney for the estate.  The will did not provide for the attorney to receive a fee for his services.

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